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Vanity Project #9

published April 2004

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Interview: Bonemachine; Deerpark

Label focus: Free Dimension; Kabukikore

Live reviews: Aqualung; Belle & Sebastian; Bilge Pump; Brown Owl; Capo D’Astro; The Darkness; Death Cab For Cutie; Deerhoof; The Detonators; Devilish Presley; Franz Ferdinand; Funeral For A Friend; G.N.A.; Goldie Lookin’ Chain; Hard Ons; Little London; Party Of One; The Rapture; Scout Niblett; The Static Waves; Swearing At Motorists; Turbonegro; V9R9D; The Von Bondies; Whirlwind Heat

Album reviews: Bastion 4; Bearsuit; C; Carla Bozulich; CKY; Comets On Fire; Crayola; Deerpark; The Destroyed; Deverova Chyba; Emma Rugg; Fever Dream; Franz Ferdinand; Horrorpops; Hunting Lodge; King Bathmat; Living With Eating Disorders; The Novelist; Nutronstars; Oneida; Persil; The Radiator Experts; Seachange; Some Other Place; Trust No One; Waawe

Single reviews: Age Of Jets; Airport Girl; Amigo; Barcelona Pavilion; The Crimea; Dave Clarke (Featuring Chicks On Speed); David Kitt; Mr. David Viner; Drunk With Joy; Enon; The Fallacy; The Fiery Furnaces; Flailing Wail; Franc; Guitare Brothers; The Keys; Martini Henry Rifles; Maxton Grainger; Melaleuca; Minus; Modey Lemon; My Robot Friend; Oceansize; Pete’s Sake; The Pines; Pipas; Rococo; Skin The Pig; Steve Rudd; Tender Trap; Terweil Mendoza; The Young Tradition

Compilation reviews: Holland; Modapop; Sampler; Wedgeweb: The Collection

Zine reviews: Evil Powers Of Rock N’ Roll #3; Fracture #25; I’d Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused #6; Shadowplay #6 & #7; Wide Open Road #10


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