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Vanity Project #8

published January 2004

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Interview: The Party; Sex Clark Five

Live reviews: Calvin Johnson; Cardiacs; Cranebuilders; DaDa Swing; Deerpark; Diane Cluck; Eamonn Vitt; Erase Errata; The Fall; Fastnet; Half Man Half Biscuit; Herman Dune; Hovis Presley; Jeffrey Lewis; KaitO; Mark Silverman; The Mars Volta; Melt Banana; Misty’s Big Adventure

Album reviews: Ashley Ward; Ballboy; The Beatbox Saboteurs; Bilge Pump; Bluebird; The Boris Flats; Carla Bozulich; Clambake; Death Cab For Cutie; The Dirtbombs; Distophia; Dub Pistols; The Duckworth-Lewis Method; The Electroluvs; Fiel Garvie; Finlay; Holly Golightly; Indigo Sun; Ivory Springer; Jet Johnson; Lomax; The Lucksmiths; The Mars Volta; Mojave 3; Mon Electric Bijou; Oceansize; Pretty Girls Make Graves; Vive Le Fete; Wendykurk

Single reviews: Airport Girl; The Barbs; Bearsuit; Bluejay Way; Bodixa; Cass McCombs; Conformist; Continuous Evolution; The Davey Brothers; Deadenstereo; Dondolo; The Fiery Furnaces; Fin; The French; TheGaGas; Johnny Cash; Kasabian; Kill Yourself; Lockdown Project; Neulander; Orange Eye; Primal Scream featuring Kate Moss; Puscha; Red Bee Society; Seachange; Six By Seven; Snap Ant; Stuffy/The Fuses; Surferosa; Tempertwig/Air Formation; This Et Al; Three Litre; The Twin; The Vanity Project; The Wisdom Of Harry

Compilation reviews: Fat Northerner Volume 2: In The City Edition; No Sales: No Sellout; Yeah, It’s Supposed To Sound Like That

Zine reviews: Beat Sketching #1; Butterfly Crush #4; Here Be Monsters #27 & #28; Homelovin’; Mercy #7 & #9; No Kind Of Superstar #4; Robots & Electronic Brains #12; Unpeeled Vol 4 No.’s 9 & 10; Wide Open Road #9


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