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Vanity Project #7

published August 2003

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Interview: Chas McDevitt, The Radiator Experts

Label focus: Fencing Flatworm

Feature: Vanity Project On Tour #2: Slovakia, Austria & Hungary

Live reviews: 107 Debutantes; Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective; Becomes The Water Of Death; Burning Brides; Chillerton; Mr David Viner; Day Of The Fight; The Delgados; Detroit City Council; Electric Six; Exilia; The Hidden Cameras; Hyperkinako; Jets Vs Sharks; Lapsus Linguae; Magoo; Mogwai; Odd Man Out; Pearlene; Ronnie Ronalde; Seedling; Sincere; Sleepy Jackson; Soledad Brothers; Swearing At Motorists; Therapy?; The Wildhearts; Winnebago Deal; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons; Zea

Album reviews: Alasdair Roberts; American Analog Set; ARE Weapons; Beck-Hession-Thomas; Culver; Eddi Reader; Johann Wlight; Killing Joke; Le Neon; The Locust; The Meeting Places; Minmae; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; Thee Moths; Namke; Opaque; Seedling; Seesaw; Streetlightunit; Three Inches Of Blood; Zea

Single reviews: Finlay; The Koreans; The Party; The Rogers Sisters; Swetbox; The Undertones

Compilation reviews: Flowers In The Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music 1923-1939; Hotel Pelirocco; In Brine; Louder Than The Crowd; Pow To The People

Short reviews: The Bed; Caffeine; The Darkness; DJ Komikon; Drunk Horse; Enon; Fingercuffs; Flint; The Gluespots; The Hokum Clones; The Lucksmiths; Miriad; Motor Ace; Mower; Ocean Colour Scene; Of Arrowe Hill; People Like Us; Schneider TM;Span


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