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Vanity Project #6

published May 2003

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Interview: The Hidden Cameras; Qhixldekx

Label focus: Evelyn; Kitchen

Obituary: Nancy Whiskey 1935-2003

Live reviews: The Divine Brown; Earl Brutus; Equidistant Sound; FortDax; Interpol; The Kills; Low; Mad Capsule Markets; Olympic Lifts; SubGiant; Turin Brakes; Zion Train

Album reviews: Angels Of Light; The Beatbox Saboteurs; Black Box Recorder; Cat Power; Daniel Johnston; Devendra Banhart; Dressy Bessy; F-Minus; FortDax; Further; Iron & Wine; Loop Guru; Oddfellows Casino; Party Of One; Pop-Off Tuesday; Slipper; Thaw; Trilemma; Turbonegro; Winnebago Deal; [x] is greater than [y]; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons

Single reviews: Bearsuit; Biffy Clyro; Big Eyes; Chikinki; Conformist; The Customers; Dayglo Superstars/Seedling; Debaser; The Delgados; Detroit Cobras; Gravy Train!!!!; Hassle Hound; Homescience; Incendiary Device; The Infidels; Kling Klang; Lustria; Magoo; Medium 21; Miss Machine; Radio Vago; The Rain Band; Red Letter Day; Ricky; Rock Stone; Sammo Hung; Summerteeth/People With Eyes; Surfless; Tindersticks; Zea/Persil; Zea

Compilation reviews: Flitwick Records Compilation MK45 10X, The Squirrel EP, You Can Do The Cube


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