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Vanity Project #5

published March 2003

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Interview: Tender Trap

Label focus: Trauma Press

Obituary: Lonnie Donegan 1931-2002

Live reviews: The Bardo; Cardiacs; Chris T-T; Eva Lema; Flict; Girls On Top; Ladytron; MJ Hibbett; The Polyphonic Spree; Pornorphans; Puressence; Queen Adreena; Rachel Stamp; Rat Daddy; Throat; [x] is greater than [y]

Album reviews: Ballboy; The Beatbox Saboteurs; The Duckworth-Lewis Method; For Against; Of Montreal

Single reviews: The Bearded Lady; Death By Visitation Of God; The Fall; The Henchmen; Hyperkinako; Miriad; My Computer; The Paybacks; Plajia; Qhixldekx; Repairman; Saloon; Shellshock; Vega4; Wishinghour; X Is Loaded

Compilation reviews: An Hour With Bubblegum Slut; Keith’s Kompilation


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