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Vanity Project #3

published August 2002

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Interview: 4tRECk

Label focus: Catchpenny, Sickroom Gramophonic Collective

Live reviews: Billy Peltzer, Bluejay Way, The Bluetones, The Coral, The Datsuns, Echobeat, Geno Washington, GoJonnyGoGoGoGo2, Hell Is For Heroes, Jets Vs. Sharks, KaitO, Kinesis, Profumo Affair, Red Letter Day, Ricky, WOMAD, You’re Smiling Now But We’ll Soon Turn Into Demons

Album reviews: Cinerama, Mark 700, The Polyphonic Spree, Pornorphans, The Starlets, Tender Trap, Tony

Single reviews: Biffy Clyro, Carmen Rosa, Chris T-T, Degrassi, Earthlings?, Econoline, Fosca, Free Loan Investments, The Great Lakes, Jarcrew, Jeffrey Lewis, Ken Stringfellow, Liquid Phase, The Loves, Magoo, Moonkat, Presto/Spartanite, Queen Adreena, Reinhardt, The Swedish Chef, Wendykurk, We Start Fires, [x]>[y]


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