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Vanity Project #21

published March 2007

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Interview: Gindrinker; Los Campesinos; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; Stuffy/The Fuses; Tim Ten Yen

Live reviews: Arachnatour; Autons; Big Joan; Big Squirrel; Blanche; Bolt Action Five; Cruiser Chimps; Das Wanderlust; Dragon Eye Morrison; Fivemiledrive; Frosthold; The Good; The Bad And The Queen; Inner City Pirates; Jamie T; Jarvis Cocker; Jeffrey Lewis; Little London; Miss Odd Kid; Mr. David Viner; Nina Nastasia; Persil; Retro Spankees; Shuffle; Sons Of Caine; Tim Tem Yen; Xerox Teens; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons

Album reviews: +44; Air Formation; Airport Girl; Animal Collective; Anon; Antifamily; Arachnotaur; Autokat; Benoît Pioulard; Betika; Bone-Box; The Boyfriends; Brighter; Captain Polaroid; Deerhoof; Desert Hearts; Dextro; Dragon or Emperor; The Drones; Everything On Black; The Fall; Gareth S. Brown; Griddle; Horowitz; Hot Gossip; Jerry Fels; Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter; Kid Congo Powers; Kultur Shock; Little Barrie; Loop Guru; L Pierre; Manatees; Mandalay; Mika; Musti Laiton; Nat Baldwin; North Sea Radio Orchestra; Patrick Wolf; Phelan Sheppard; The Pines; Piskie Sits; The Playing Fields; Plus Device; The Pocket Gods; Radicalfashion; Riotmind; Sailboats Are White; The Scaramanga Six; Shalloboi; The Skygreen Leopards; Stuffy/The Fuses; Superkings; Transmitters; Trash Money; William D. Drake; You Judas; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons.

Single reviews: The Aprons; Armstrong; Balor Knights; Beangrowers; Chris Hallam; The Distance; Fanfarlo; Ferry Corsten ft. Guru; Findlay Brown; Gindrinker; Grand Prix ’86; Grand Volume; Hammer Vs The Snake; Harper Lee; The Hermit Crabs; The Hip Priests; The Hold Steady; The Isles; It’s a Buffalo; Jeremy Warmsley; Joe Matson; Johnny Foreigner; Kaiser Chiefs; Linda Draper; Listen With Sarah; The Loves; The Maccabees; The Maple State; Mark Ronson; Midas; Mr Hudson & The Library; Mr Luggs; The Nightjars; Outputmessage; Pan Electric; RepoMen; Screaming Mimi; The Sound Movement; South Central; Sovereign Heights; Steveless/Syd Howells; Stuffy/The Fuses; Switches; Unexploded Shells; The Walk-Off; X1

Compilation reviews: Ammehoelahop; Furthest Branches From The Trunk; See Dee Compilation; The Topography Of Chance; This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The 22 Of Us; This Is The New

Zine reviews: Shadowplay


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