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Vanity Project #20

published November 2006

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Interview: Robots In Disguise

Live reviews: Comonechi; Creamfields; Dear Eskimo; Gossip; The Grates; Rocco Deluca And The Burden; Shepherds Pi; Spoons; The Tigerpicks; The Young Knives

Album reviews: Anathallo; Angel Tech; Antifamily; Ash Verjee; The Black Angels; Dufus; Duke Fame; DỶRĐIN; Entrance; Envy; Fallopian; Fiel Garvie; Harlan t Bobo; Helios; His Name Is Alive; Howling Bells; Humanzi; James Yorkston; Luxembourg; The Meeting Places; Mercury Rev; Milburn; The Nightingales; Perspects; Pipas; Plaid & Bob Jaroc; The Pleasure; Salon Boris; Snowden; Sound Team; Spotlight Kid; Tapes N’ Tapes; Unknown Component; Viva Voce; Wolf Eyes; Working For A Nuclear Free City; Zea

Single reviews: Albert Hammond Jr.; Blackbud; Black Jackson; The Black Tulips; Bonnie Prince Billy; Boy From Brazil; The Broken Family Band; Buswell; Circuits; Costar; Courtney Tidewell; Dead World Leaders; Dirty Pretty Things; DJ Shadow; Don Agbai; Donderdag; Education; H Bird; Henrik Schwarz; The Horrors; The Human Value; Juliette & The Licks; Kings Have Long Arms; Klaxons; The Long Blondes; Noonakai; Ooze feat. TishK; Paul De Aragon; Peter Derzbach; The Pipettes; Piranha Deathray; Piskie Sits; Psapp; Quad Throw Salchow; The Reverse; Rosemary; Rotating Leslie; The Scaramanga Six; Shuffle; Steeple Remove; Stoneleaf; Tahiti 80/Fugu; Talk; Tunng; Underdog; The Upwelling

Compilation reviews: Digital Northerner Volume Two; Easy To Be Free: The Songs Of Rick Nelson ; History Is Bunk Vols 1 & 2; Stressed Vol. 3

Zine reviews: Funky As Fudge #3


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