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Vanity Project #19

published August 2006

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Interview: The Gasman; Zukanikan

Live reviews: Autons; The Bro’s Grim; Buck 65; Daniel Johnston and friends; The Devil and Daniel Johnston (film); Holy Fuck; The Indica Ritual; My Passion; Robots In Disguise; Son of Dave; You And The Atom Bomb

Album reviews: The Arrogants; The Atoms; Bardo Pond; Being 747; Bonemachine; Boy Kill Boy; The Capstan Shafts; The Charade; Crack Und Ultra Eczema; Death Of Fashion; The Divine Comedy; Elaine Palmer; Elektradog; Ensemble; Forest Giants; The Gasman; The Grates; Growing; Guilty Connector; The Haircuts; Hefner; Helene; Instant Species; Jerry Colburn; John Kastner; John Ludi; The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble; Let’s Be Honeys; Lovemat; Lucinda Sieger; Magoo; Mclusky; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; Natacha Atlas; Niobe; Now; Ochre; OMR; Persil; Planning To Rock; Riotmind; Robots In Disguise; Rusty Sheriff; Sarandon; Scott Walker; Sebadoh; The Sound Movement; Sucioperro; Sundealers; Tender Trap; The Terminal Generation; Tom Kelsall; The Triffids; TV Smith; Uniform; Varsity Drag; The Year Zero; You & The Atom Bomb; Zukanican

Single reviews: Autokat; Bearsuit; The Bedroom Singer; Bigeyeam; The Black Tulips; The Bobby McGee’s; Capital X; Capulet; Champion Kickboxer; Cheveu; Cheveu; Circuits; The Clerks; Daniele Baldelli; Diktendo; Drunk With Joy; Y Dull Duckworth Lewis; The Electric Camera; Fireworks Night; Gay For Johnny Depp; Gossip; Hey Negrita; The Holloways; The Invisible Clock Factory; Iodo; Jack Adaptor; John Stammers; King Alexander/Male!; King Biscuit Time; Luxembourg; The Mardy Bums; Marmaduke Duke; Monkey Swallows The Universe; My Passion; Ninja Massacre; The OGB; Onewordpoem; The Playmates; The Pocket Gods; The Pocket Gods; Pseudo Mellor; Ralfe Band; Scissors For Lefty; Sennen; Seven Days Awake; The Soft Explosions; The Swear; Thousand Natural Shocks; tKatKa; Waitstill Baxter; Xerox Teens

Compilation reviews: Gommagang 3; Screaming Tarts: The Album vol. 3; Thee Sheffield Radiophonic Workshop; They’ll Have To Catch Us First

Zine reviews: Empty Playground #1; Organ #151; Phlegm Comic #1, #2, #3; Shadowplay #18


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