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Vanity Project #18

published May 2006

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Interview: Autons

Live reviews: Augustine; Boy Kill Boy; Esa Shields; Gogol Bordello; Kaputt; Ladytron; The Like; Manchester vs Cancer; MiT; The Scream; Shady Bard; Shitdisco; The Violets; White Rose Movement

Album reviews: A+E Line; Ampersand; Ant; Autumn’s Grey Solace; Babar Luck; Belong; The Big Eyes Family Players; The Bongolian; Breaks Co-op; Buzzkill; Cat Power; Charlie Parr; Dakar & Grinser; David Francis; Dawn Of The Replicants; Dilated Peoples; Dusty Sound System; Electroluvs; Electronic Music Composer; Finlay; François Tétaz; Ghostdigital; Hefner; Holly Throsby; Jack Rose; Jaed; Jethro Tull; J.Kriste (Master Of Disguise); Julie’s Haircut; Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds; Kyler; Licky; Mad Juana; Mark Mandeville; Mike K; Millionaire; Mogwai; Morning Runner; My Latest Novel; Nalle; Niall Quinn; Park Attack; Pete Dale & The Beta Males; Rod Stern; Rosolina Mar; Saint Jude’s Infirmary; Six. By Seven; Smokers Die Younger; Soledad Brothers; Sol Seppy; Spearmint; Stretch Arm Strong; Syntaks; Uncle Ray; Viva L’American Death Ray Music; Volcano; Volumen; White Rose Movement; Zoppo

Single reviews: 5000 Killer Diseases; A Million Billion; Andy Robbins; At The Lake; Autons; Be Your Own Pet; Be Your Own Pet; Bib; The Bleeding Hearts; The Bloom; Boys of Scandinavia; The Budda Cakes; Cannonball Jane; Cherubs; Commander Swift; The Common Redstarts; Cyndee Lee Hulko vs. Don Agbai; Darlings Of The Splitscreen; Diastole; Duels; Ejectorseat; Elaine Palmer; Elena; Emit; Forest Giants; Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson; Glimr; Harlette; Harrisons; Humanzi; Idiot Pilot; The Isles; Joan As Policewoman; THE KBC; The Knockouts; Kypie; The Ladies; Letters & Colours; Litterbug; The Lodger; The Loungs; Lovemat; Magic8; The Marshals; Masque; Maude; McQueen; Piranha Deathray; The Playmates/Instant Species/Farming Incident/The Terminals; The Pocket Gods; Quartershade; Revue Noir; Riotmind; Rival Joustas; The Scaramanga Six/Me Against Them; Shalloboi; The Skeksis; The Snowdrops; Soft Priest; Stephanie Kirkham; Stop It You’re Killing Me; The Sweethearts; Swimmer One; The Tamborines; The Telescopes; They Drove Me To It; Think-Box; This Et Al; Voodoo 7:2; The Voom Blooms; The Whip; Xerox Teens

Compilation reviews: Field Recordings EP; I Can Count Volume 1; The Pig’s Big 78: A Beginner’s Guide; Noise Research Program Volume 2; The Sound of Young New York & Toronto; Summoning Of The Muse – A Tribute To Dead Can Dance; This Is Love

Zine reviews: Funky As Fudge #2; Homelovin’; Shadowplay #17


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