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Vanity Project #16

published October 2005

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Interview: Itamar Ziegler

Label focus: Moshimoshi

Live reviews: As Is A Capella; Bangkok; Barb Jungr. The Bridge; Decoration; Devendra Banhart; Dropscience; Laura Cantrell; Luminescent Orchestrii; Misty’s Big Adventure; Seachange; Sing Zimbabwe; The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain; Z- List Tears.

Album reviews: Alexander Tucker; Alex Ward; An Emergency; Architecture In Helsinki; Arsey Rob; Bardo Pond; Bearsuit; Bell Orchestra; Blackloud; David Jack; The Eighteenth Day Of May; Electronicat; The Fiery Furnaces; For Against; George; The Hundred Handed; Ian Brown; Isolee; Itamar Ziegler; The Jena Campaign; The Lucksmiths; Markus Kienzl; Mi And L’au; Midwest; Mon Electric Bijou; Moonshot; Mostly Autumn; Nasty P; Need New Body; Nutronstars; “O”; Oceansize; Pellumair; The Psychotic Reaction; Quit Your Day Job; Red Letter Day; Ricky; The Rogers Sisters; Scout Niblett; Sennen; Shout Out Louds; Steveless; The Telescopes; Vacabou; Vinny Peculiar; Ween; Wonderful Allstars; The Young Gods

Single reviews: Aberfeldy; Aeon Spoke; Aluminum Babe; The Automatic; Battle; Beats Capri; Cadillac; Casual Saints; Cherubs; Ciccone; Circus Normal; Communication Error; The Composers; The Decemberists; Deerhoof; Dr. Dog; The Fallout Trust; Film School; Gay For Johnny Depp; Hammer Vs The Snake; Harrisons; The Heart Strings; Helen Love; Hush Collector; Ironweed; Jynxt; Kallinger Co; King Biscuit Time; Letrix; Luxembourg; Magnetphone; Math & Physics Club; M.I.A.; Milburn; The Modern; Mono Taxi; The New Shapes; Peace Burial At Sea; Ralfe Band; Sam & Me; Shuffle; The Sonic Art; Stereolab; Stoner; This Et Al; The Voltaires; Whiskycats; The White Stripes; Winter Roberts

Compilation reviews: The Black Rabbit Whorehouse Vol. 1; Class aA; Beyond Entertainment; The Coming Of The Railways; Stressed Vol. 2

Zine reviews: Robots & Electronic Brains #15; Shadowplay #15


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