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Vanity Project #15

published Auigust 2005

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Interview: a.P.A.t.T.

Live reviews: Architecture In Helsinki; Brubeck; Luxembourg; The Magic Band; Quit Your Day Job; Turbonegro

Album reviews: Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha; America Is Waiting; a.P.A.t.T.; Art Brut; Autumdivers; Baikonour; Black Spartacus; Brian Setzer; Bulletproof; Capstan Shafts; Captain Comatose; Captain Polaroid; Clor; The Consultants; The Decemberists; Dressy Bessy; Drunk Horse; Electrelane; Glyn Bailey; InMe; Invisible Choir; Jerry Fels; Kelley Stoltz; Kid Carpet; Left Alone; The Levellers; Marissa Nadler; Nelson King; The North Sea & Xenis Emputae Travelling Band; Olof Broström; Orange; Pennywise; Querelle; Sufjan Stevens; Toupé; Unknown Component; Viarosa; Who Made Who

Single reviews: Ascoltare; Beach; Being 747/The Lodger; Bird Of Galapagos; The Black Tulips; The Blue Van; Dragon Eye Morrison; Druul; Duri; Echelon Blue; Elite; Engerica; Homespun; I Like Trains; Javelins; Jeremy Warmsley; Kalena; Karn8; Larrikin Love; Lebatol; Leechhate; The Longcut; Millionaire; Morning Runner; My Enemy; No Hope Astronaut; Noise Á Noise; One Life Left; Peril Hill; Ralfe Band; Randi Russo; Rapid Fiction; Rapid Fiction; Redcarsgofaster; Rilo Kiley; Riotmind; Rolling Dog; Sanity Lost; Serotonin; Silent Moves; Space Siren; Special Needs; Spektrum; Stuffy/The Fuses/The Secret Hairdresser; The Swear; Switchfoot; Termites; Tinnitus; Tokyo Eye; Tsar; Tuco; We Are Scientists; Wwithal; Xenis Emputae Travelling Band

Compilation reviews: Heathen Angel Vol. 2; Melodic Today; More Soul Than Wigan Casino; Rising Stars 2; Sounds From A Big Town; Supercity; This Is Horrorpunk 2…The Terror Continues; This Is My Secret Garden

Zine and Book reviews: Green Day: American Idiots & The New Punk Explosion; I’d Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused #7.


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