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Vanity Project #14

published June 2005

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Interviews: Dawn Of The Replicants; The Magic Band

Label focus: Hackpen

Live reviews: 65daysofstatic; a.P.A.t.T.; Apnia; Arcade Fire; Autons; Bastion 4; Clor; Counter Clash; Cranebuilders; Drivin South; Duri; Echobase; Emiliana Torrini; Escape Goat; Flesh; FOBA; Japanese Cars; Keren Ann; Labour In Vain; Liam Frost; Little London; Mannequin; Marlowe; Melys; Mesemenie; Orange Street; Persil; Peter & The Wolf; Random Hero; Red Jetson; Red Letter Day; The Skies; Snap Ant; Sunshine; Thee More Shallows; These Two Hands; Tokyo Dragons; The Veras; Young Squire; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons; Zelega

Album reviews: The 55s; Absent Kid; Akron/Family; Alto 45; Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti; Billy No Mates; Bizzy B; The Books; Captain Wilberforce; Charles E. Cullen; The Chemistry Experiment; The Crimson Ghosts; Damon & Naomi; Dead Blonde Girlfriend; Detwiije; The Dirtbombs; Disco Drive; Emetrex; The Fat Cats; The Flesh; The Free French; The Gasman; Giant Haystacks; Hell Is For Heroes; Holly Golightly; The Invisible Surfers; Kaiser Chiefs; Kelley Stoltz; Kinesis; Kinski; Th’ Legendary ShackShakers; Listen With Sarah; Lorna; Lovejoy; The Magic Band; Marissa Nadler; Marmaduke Duke; Maximilian Hecker; Mek Obaam; Okkervil River; Oneida; Pale Sunday; The Peppermints; Pinkie; The Ponys; Red.Star.Line; Rob Reynolds; Robin Auld; Ryan Adams & The Cardinals; Schizo Fun Addict; Settlefish; Six By Seven; The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers; Snuff; Stereo Total; Steve Turner; Super Reverb; Venerea; Venetian Snares; The Young Tradition; zZz

Single reviews: 65daysofstatic; Amy Smith; Anonymous Tip; Ascoltare; Autokat; Big Num; Bilkis; Birdmonster; The Boy From Space; British Beef; The Buff Medways; Capital X; The Capstan Shafts; The Charade; C-Jags; The Conway Story; Countermine; Death of Fashion; Demon Summer; Dugong; Earl; Erik Halldén; The Exploits Of Elaine; The Fog Band; The Grates; The Hair; If Fire Would Fall; Iodo; Ivy’s Itch; Kathryn Williams; Leon; Life Bitter Soul; Loose Canon; Magic8; The March Hares; Masque; Math and Physics Club; Mira; Miss McCabe; Misty’s Big Adventure; Morph; The Mules; Nerina Pallott; Olof Broström; People In Planes; Plans and Apologies; Pollen; The Rakes; Real Live Tigers; Revere; Sarandon; The Scaramangas; The Scaramanga Six; Scarlet Soho; Scurge; Shitmat; Slims; Sunshine; The Sweet Chap; Team LG; Tern; Undercut; Vetiver; Viarosa; Vibration White Finger; Watchers; WhoMadeWho; Yankee Nine Niner; Yeti; Yuppie Flu

Compilation reviews: Function Records Sampler; Jar; The Nyquist Theory; Static Disaster: The UK In The Red Sampler; Sunday Nights: The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough; Sunsets & Silhouettes

Zine reviews: amusing paper issue one; Shadowplay #14


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