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Vanity Project #13

published March 2005

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Interviews: Akira The Don; The Scaramanga Six; Snap Ant

Label focus: My Secret Garden; Suilven

Live reviews: Amsterdam; The Aviators; Destroyer; Dregs Of Society; Gene; The Go Team!; Hannah Platt; Harpagès Brothers; The Kills; Kimya Dawson; The Magic Numbers; The Radio Dept.; Rattlebus; Red Mojo; Ricky; Sacred Heart; Schwervon!; Scotch Egg; The Torpedos; The VCs; The Wisemen

Album reviews: Alice Donut; The A-Lines; Amor For Sleep; Arcade Fire; Cats Against The Bomb; Charles Atlas; Cliff Richard & The Dark Side; Cranebuilders; The Curable Interns; Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jameson; Decider; DJ/Rupture; Dom Newton; Duri; The Explosion; Fiery Furnaces; Fireworks Night; Hot Water Music; The Icicles; The [International] Noise Conspiracy; Jeans Team; John Wayne Shot Me; Kawaii; Kissogram; L’altra; Linda Draper; Low; L Pierre; Lunz; Magoo; McGazz; Milky Wimpshake; Misty Roses; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; The Morrisons; Oddfellows Casino; The Others; Pfaff; Phantom Buffalo; Pipas; Potion; Quit Your Day Job; The Scaramanga Six; Scatter; Scritti Politti; Shatner; Squares on Both Sides; Stick Finlays; Stitt; Stratus; Suicidal Birds; Tsuky; Tunng; Winter Vacation

Single reviews: Add Noise; Ambrose Tompkins; Ambulance LTD; And The Amber Slips; Athlete; Being 747; Big Origami; Black River Project; Bozilla; The Bridge Gang; Chuck; Cracklebox; Damn13; Delusionary; Denim and Diamonds/Üter; Desmond Pot and The Des-Pots; DJ Ordeal; Dobosky; The Duds; Erik Halldén; Evergreen Days; Fibi Frap; Fuji Heavy; FULC; Gary Marx; The Happy Couple; Hardsleeper/Maps & Diagrams; Hush The Many; Jeff Leopard;
Johnny Poindexter; Kaiser Chiefs; Karmadillo; The Large, Slow-Maturing Pigs Of Yorkshire; The Lazarus Effect; Lionshare/Wooden Ghost; Little Robot Voice/Naked Casino; Loose Canon; The Lucksmiths; The March Hares; The Marcia Blaine School For Girls; Mek Obaam; Metric; Mike Ferraro; Mitten; Monopoli; The Multiverse; My Favourite; My First Band; Nathan Burton; Of Infinity; Onion Jack; The Panacea Society; The Path I Chose; Persil; The Pocket Gods; Pop Levi; Public Display Of Affection; The Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure; Riotmind; Sam & Me; Schumacher Levy; Silo Zane; Six By Seven; Snap Ant; The Sparticus Stargazer; Stillman; Stuffy/The Fuses; Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element/A Roman Scandal; Sunshine; The Tenderfoot; Termites; They Drove Me To It; UM; Yacht Club; Zukanican

Compilation reviews: Big Sister Compendium Volume Two; Digital Northerner Version 1.0; Earsugar Jukebox; An Experiment In Music Vol.1; Shockout; Zatsu Ongaku

Zine reviews: The Ape Drape Escape Fanzine # 1 & 2; Butterfly Crush #7; The Karma Clowns; Book 1; Navigator #4; No Disco #8 & #9; Robots & Electronic Brains #14; Shadowplay #13


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