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Vanity Project #12

published December 2004

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Interview: Chloe Poems; Jeffrey Lewis; Misty’s Big Adventure

Obituary: John Peel 1939-2004

Live reviews: Beep Beep; Cardiacs; Chloe Poems; Cinder; Cold Machine; Decoy Eden; The Dirty Touch; The Dynamics; Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster; The Faint; Few And Far Between; The Finn Brothers; Gravenhurst; Kev Hardy; Lonnie D: The Musical; Man; Migala; Mount Sims; Polysics; Profumo; Red Letter Day; The Scaramanga Six; Snap Ant; Sufjan Stevens; Sylvain Chauveau; Tom Kelsall; The VC’s; Winnebago Deal

Album reviews: The 5,6,7,8’s; Andrew; Ballboy; Ciccone; DAC Crowell; Edge Effect; Ed Lawes; The Fall; Flogging Molly; Frankie Machine; The Get-Outs; The Guild League; Hello Cuca; Host; John James; The Knife; Language Of Flowers; Luxembourg; Misty’s Big Adventure; Munk; Mysterymen; Nutronstars; Patrick Wolf; The Pocket Gods; Rob McCulloch; The Rocks; Scarlet Soho; Showstar; Starving; The Stray Cats; Tristania; Twinkie; The Wisemen; Would-Be-Goods; Yel

Single reviews: Akira The Don; Babyshambles; The Beat Poet; Bird; Blackbud; The Black Velvets; The Boy From Space; Burn The Mona Lisa; Confuzion; [Culture Industry]; Dead Combo; Elliot Smith; Engineers; Esoterica; Everything Must Go; The Good; Havana Guns; Help She Can’t Swim; Hoobastank; The Knife; Lali Puna/Isan; Lesbian Bed Death; Le Tetsuo; Licky; Living With Eating Disorders; Motormark; Naked Apes; Pellumair; Plan A; The Pocket Gods; The Rakes; Rolling Dog; Rubicks; The Sam I Am; SchwaB; The Sultans; Sundealers; The Telescopes; Time For Rodeo; Tokyo Dragons; XisLoaded; Verone

Compilation reviews: A Houseguest’s Wish; GoJonnyGoGoGoGo Favourites #1

Zine reviews: Shadowplay #12


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