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Vanity Project #11

published October 2004

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Interview: Engineers; Red Letter Day

Feature: Edinburgh Festival special

Live reviews: Bastion 4; Being 747; Belle & Sebastian; The Black Dogs; The Blueskins; Cinder; Cold Machine; Dawn Of The Replicants; Drivin’ South; Duri; The Dynamics; Echobase; The Fall; Fester; The Fret; Jeffrey Lewis; Johnny Domino; Junkbox; Kid Carpet; King Furnace; Kjunga; Madisuns; The Magic Band; Mannequin; Mayz; MetalHead; Mister Doom; Misty’s Big Adventure; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; Mofo; The Naked Apes; Nitrate; One Life Left; Plastic Hamster; Red Letter Day; Richmond Fontaine; The Scaramanga Six; Surfless; Tinnitus; The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players; TRUCK Festival; Trust No One; Voicecoil; The Way; The Young Knives

Album reviews: The Aphrodisiacs; Armitage Shanks; The Beauty Shop; Blatant Death; By Coastal Café; Cake; Cathy Davey; Charlie Parr; Coastal; The Composers; Cranes; Daniel Patrick Quinn; Demon Summer; Destroyer; Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster; Ella Guru; The Fairways; Fonda 500; For Against; The Frenchmen; Gabrielle Twenty Five; Giant Haystacks; Gibby Haynes & His Problem; The Good North; Gravenhurst; Half Cousin; Harper Lee; Holly Golightly; Jessi Hamilton; Johnny Domino; Kev Hardy; The Kitchen; Luna; Maria Szyrtisz & The Pyramids Of Mars; Maritime; Mêlée; My Robot Friend; Nina Nastasia; The Open; Overlord; Polysics; Postal Blue; The Radio Dept.; Red Letter Day; Reubens Accomplice; Ripped In Half; Rob McCulloch; Royal City; Shwervon!; Sufjan Stevens; Syrafex; Tiger Army; Vermont; Visiting Ghosts; Wolf Eyes

Single reviews: Aberfeldy; A Citizen Above Suspicion; All About Eve; Bastion 4; Bearsuit; BlueInTheFace; The Boxer Rebellion- The Boyfriends/The Long Blondes; Boyracer; Brakes; The Bridge; The Broken Family Band; Cayto; Ciccone; Clayhill; Clor; The Cosy Molars; The Cut; Dangerlust; The Departure; Detroit Cobras; Ditchwater; Fabulous Nobody; The Famous Dead; Freezerburn; TheGaGas; Girlfriend In A Coma; Halflight; The Hidden Cameras; The Hives; The Hot Puppies; Houndstooth; Involution; Javelins; The Je Ne Sais Quoi; Johnny Boy; Kaiser Chiefs; KCUF; Kingsize Blues; Lionshare; The Long Blondes; Longside; Luxembourg; Mark Christopher Lee; Marlowe; M.A.S.S.; Melys; Merchandise; Monkey; Mylo; Of Montreal; The Others; Planquez; Plastic Toys; The Pocket Gods; Purgatory State; The Pursuit; Rusty Sheriff; Saint Silas Intercession; Sam Roberts; The Scaramanga Six; Selfish C___; Soho Dolls; Soli-t-ude; Stuffy/The Fuses / Chris T-T Band; Sum 41; Superelectric; thisGIRL; Three Children Of Fortune; (; Tokyo Dragons; Tokyo Eye; Trap2; The Wisemen; Zelega; Zero Cipher

Compilation reviews: A Box Of Odd; Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 5; On The Buzzes; Revolution, Not Evolution Vol.2.; Yeah, It’s Supposed To Sound Like That… Volume II; Your New Favorite CD

Zine reviews: Esquizofrenia #14 and #15; High Voltage #7; Homelovin’ (September 2004); Hunglow Psycho #2; Shadowplay #11 & #11.5; Wide Open Road #11


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