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Vanity Project #10

published July 2004

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Interview: Art Brut; David Devant & His Spirit Wife; Luminescent Orchestrii

Label focus: Matinee; Sijis

Live reviews: 7 Days At Knife Point; Adrian Crowley; Art Brut; Balance Of Power; The Beatrimes; Big Eyes Duo; Blood Brothers; Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies; Brute Force; Charlie Parr; Cinder; The Cribs; The Cut And Paste Super Soul; David Devant & His Spirit Wife; Day Of The Fight; Deerpark; Demons^Debutantes Big Band; The Divine Comedy; The Feral; The Golden Virgins; The Good Time Charlies; Ikara Colt; Karl Blau; Last Kiss; Laura Veirs; Liars; Maria Szyrtisz and The Pyramids of Mars; Mercury Tilt Switch; Misty’s Big Adventure; The Nederbietels; Nina Nastasia & rare guests; Nitrate; Punish The Atom; Radiate; Red Light; The Ridgeway; Shiseido Red; Silent Demise; Sturges; Three Children Of Fortune; Tony; Yourcodenameis:Milo; You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons; Zelega

Album reviews: Adrian Crowley; Amplifier; Beatsteaks; Being 747; The Beta Band; Big Joan; Blanche; Bonemachine; Brody & Quint; Colin Lloyd Tucker; David & The Citizens; Devendra Banhart; Dilated Peoples; The Divine Comedy; Electrelane; Francis Albert Machine; The Get Up Kids; Gold Cash Gold; Graham Coxon; Gregor Samsa; The Hidden Cameras; Homescience; Indogo; The Liberty Ship; Kultur Shock; Lockdown Project; Man In Formaldehyde; Mclusky; Merchandise; Mon Electric Bijou; Moonshot; Morrissey; Mr & Mrs Smith And Mr Drake; Muleskinner Jones; Nekromantix; Pigeon Funk!; Qhixldekx; Ryan Adams; Slipslide; Sodastream; Sonic Youth; State Shirt; Stuffy/The Fuses; Sufjan Stevens; Surferosa; Ten Foot Nun; Testube; Trademark; TV On The Radio; Vetiver; William D. Drake; The Windmills; Yellowcard

Single reviews: A Day Late; The Ambers Band; Art Brut; Atlantic Dash; Ballboy; Bonemachine; Breed 77; Cape; Cathy Davey; Champion Kickboxer; The Chinatowns; The Chinatowns; Chuck; Dangerlust; Dogs Die In Hot Cars; Dorau/Köhncke; Eberg; Ebon Tale; The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster; Failsafe; The Features; Fionn Regan; Forena; Fourier; Freiband; Graham Coxon; Hakan Lidbo; The Hidden Cameras; Hyper Kinako; Ikara Colt; Jet Johnson; Jetplane Landing; Johann Wlight; J.Torrance; Kasabian; The Kates; Kody; Lion Fever; Living Things; Love Missile; Lowdrive; Lowfive; The Mint Chicks; MJ Hibbett & The Validators; Mohair; Mr. Mutton Deluxe; The Mutts; The New Shapes; Ninja Massacre; Ortonomy; Party Of One; Pink Grease; The Pocket Gods; Polly Paulusma; Pure Reason Revolution; The Radio Dept.; Razorlight; The Reverse; Safety Scissors; Samsa; The Scaramanga Six/Beachbuggy; Scarlet Soho; Scott Taylor; Scout Niblett; Senser; Serotonin; Slipper featuring Andrea Black; Sluggo; Sluts Of Trust; The Starlite Desperation; Taz; Trucker; Twenty Twenty Vision; Wevie Stonder; XisLoaded; Young Heart Attack

Compilation reviews: Built To Perfection Vol. 1; Decade: Ten Years Of Fierce Panda; Matinee 50; NOST8MENT Sampler No. 1; Perverted By Mark E.: A Tribute To The Fall; Rip Off Your Labels; Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware; Tracks and Fields

Zine reviews: Butterfly Crush #6; Robots & Electronic Brains #13/Empty #8; Shadowplay #8 & #9; Yellow Plastic

Comedy reviews: Alan Carr; Ben Norris; Ben Schofield; Danny Buckler; Dave Ingram; Dinga; Isy Suttie; Jarred Christmas; Josh Howie; Kevin Shpeherd; Marcus Brigstocke; Micky Flanagan; Mitch Benn; Nick Revell; Patrick Ford; Sarah Kendall; Simon Evans; Warren Speed


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