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Primavera Sound 2010: days 5 & 6

One-line reviews of bands seen on my fifth and sixth days in Barcelona.

Introductory posting here. Catalan and Spanish acts denoted red.

Parc Joan Miró, 29may10 (12:30 to 16:20)

Big Headed Trouble Boy: Light acoustic pop with a Gabrielle Cilmi-with-an-edge thing going on.

Thelematicos: Rock n’ roll with a slacker’s unkempt swagger.

Circulatory System: Cello and violin further enliven Gang Of Four like guitars and stubborn bass.

Thee Oh Sees: A terrific band absolutely made for this outdoor palm tree’d setting, as they strut through a set of grimy rock n’ roll that takes in all points between The Stones and Suicide; stops like The Monks, Phil Spector, “Have Love Will Travel” and surf.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow: If they didnt have me at the song intro of theirs that sounded a lot like the one for Killing Joke’s ‘Love Like Blood’, then they certainly did upon their fairly straight cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’.

Ganglians: Wispy post-country psyche, not nearly as engaging as I had expected.

Parc del Forum, 29may10 (19:00 to 02:45)

Michael Rother and Friends play Neu! music: That billing makes it all a bit sound ‘An Audience With…’, which is not a concept one might readily associate with motorik-fuelled krautrock, although being heavily infectious certainly is. 

The Clean: That I have made sure I see this lot again despite having seen them only a fortnight ago in Brighton and yet never heard a record by them, should tell you all you need to know with regards to whether these Flying Nun era Kiwi heroes can still cut a vibrant brand of mustard.

Mujeres: Garage rock, The Beatles and a whole lot of pep upside it all.

The Bundles: With Kimya Dawson absent owing to flight fear in these volcanic ash days, and Karl Blau never scheduled to appear, Jeff and Jack Lewis and Anders Griffen plug on gamely and brilliantly regardless.

Florence & The Machine: I know it’s all about Flo rather than her Mo, but by christ can her voice beat the life out of her songs sometimes, although it must be said they she can work up a pretty entertaining show.

The Antlers: Some might not think that songs from a concept album dealing with a terminally ill bone cancer patient would be ideal festi fodder and they, therefore, would be mistaken as Antlers were euphoric here.

Matt & Kim: On this energetic evidence, it would appear that the world needs drum n’ Korg duos, but in a marketplace that is hardly saturated, Matt & Kim are clearly far from complacent.

Dum Dum Girls: The ideal antidote for those experiencing withdrawal symptoms for a lack of The Bangles and Go-Go’s in their life.

Pet Shop Boys: Never mind the undoubtedly brilliant spectacle of their live show and feel the breadth of hit after hit after hit.

Parc Joan Miró, 30may10 (16:00 to 17:30)

McEnroe: even with the wear and tear of a long few days, that I should nod off during their earnest hard rock doesn’t speak well for them being an enlivening outfit.

The King Khan & BBQ Show: Rickety and grizzly rock n’ roll as well as drag outifts are a plus, the relentless abuse of the soundman a major minus.

King Khan & The BBQ Show @ Parc Joan Miro

The Clean @ Vice Stage

Matt & Kim @ Vice Stage


June 1, 2010 - Posted by | new reviews


  1. […] Days 5 and 6 (covers The Antlers, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, The Big Headed Trouble Boy, The Bundles, Circulatory System, The Clean, Dum Dum Girls, Florence & The Machine, Ganglians, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Matt & Kim, McEnroe, Mujeres, Pet Shop Boys, Rother/Shelley/Mullan, Thee Oh Sees and Thelematicos) […]

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  2. It was not Jeff Lewis and the Junkyard playing The Bundles’ material, it was simply The Bundles minus Kimya and Karl. Had it been the Junkyard, the drummer would have been Dave Beauchamp, but the drummer was Anders Griffen.

    Comment by Joe | June 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Aye, fair call Joe, I guess at 4.30am in the morning when I hammered this lot out, trying to sum it up in a sentence made me take a few liberties. It’s difficult to keep up with who’s currently a bandmate of Jeff’s too!!

      It was certainly meant as no criticism, and I’m certainly aware I was brushing Karl Blau under the carpet, but then again he was never going to be playing, Kimya was the only absentee from the advertised line-up.

      Cheers for your comment, and setting the record straight.

      I’ll have another bash at it, taking on board your comments.

      Comment by vanityprojectuk | June 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. Glad you enjoyed The Antlers, and you’re spot on – bleak and yet strangely euphoric at the same time. Would have killed to have seen Low performing The Great Destroyer, and agreed that ‘Prayer To God’ makes an awesome opening to any set…

    Comment by Ben | June 2, 2010 | Reply

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