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Primavera Sound 2010: days 1 & 2

One-line reviews of bands seen on my first and second days in Barcelona.

Introductory posting here.  Catalan and Spanish acts denoted red.

Fantasticos Club, 25may10 (18:30 to 20:00)

Pelea: Short but uproariously peppy vignettes.

Montañas: Sharing personnel with Pelea, without being nearly as breezy.

venue: Back room of bar with chalk  tributes to The B52s, The XX and Lucky Strike cigarettes amongst others littering the walls, and the toilets an awkward stage invasion away.

LA2, 25may10 (21:00 to 23:45)

Atleta: Post-rock, muscular to the point of thick veins appearing across the front of the stage, and giving the remaining two acts much to follow.

Toundra: Begin more ponderously, but come alive once the cellist and keyboardist clear off after whats seems about three minutes.

Two Dead Cats: Not in keeping with previous, strident post-punk yelping peppers rolling guitars and prodding bass.

venue: Black box with a long bar dog-legging towards the bogs, tonight hosting a showcase for the Aloud label. 

Fantasticos Club, 26may10 (18:00 to 19:00)

Nacho Umbert: Oakey acoustic guitar folk punctuated with guesting cello to a cross-legged and attentive crowd.

Sala Apolo, 26may10 (20:30 to 23:30)

Peggy Sue: Pointing a harmonic pop-gun up the hoop of rusticism within folk.

First Aid Kit: Naif-types from Sweden playing indie-pop with such a pastoral, bluegrass tinge, one might be tempted to rest an Amish bonnet upon each of their heads mid-performance.

Los Campesinos: Despite being a good deal more lively than at Rough Trade East earlier this year now that the new songs have bedded in, I still find them, despite my best efforts, rather unenchanting.

venue: Ornate ballroom basked in red light with wooden booths lining the dancefloor.

Peggy Sue @ Sala Apolo


Nacho Umbert @ Fantasticos


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