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Primavera Sound 2010: day 4

One-line reviews of bands seen on my fourth day in Barcelona.

Introductory posting here. Catalan and Spanish acts denoted red.

FNAC Diagonal Mar, 28may10 (16:30-17:00)

Forzudo: Duo making swirling electro psychedelia, along Animal Collective lines, and bound for bigger stages than this I’d warrant. 

venue: A small gallery space in what is essentially a Spanish HMV equivalent, only with more tellies and that.

Parc del Forum, 28may10 (17:30 to 01:15)

CuerposShadowy Siouxie-esque and at the join of punk and post-punk, the keyboard stabs not unlike Eleni Poulou’s work with The Fall.  

Low (performing ‘The Great Destroyer’): By the end my long held scepticism towards this particular long-player (despite being a fan of the band generally) had been won over, and the unanimous standing ovation from the seated Auditori crowd was richly deserved, Low having reminded us all just how incredible they can be.

Fuel Fandango: Perhaps a little too much of the soul diva gymnastics but the ratlling funk delivered by the guitars and drums make them quite infectious.

Beach House: Ideal really to closely-ish follow Low, being similarly downbeat and prone to spartan arrangements, however Beach House’s melodies take a more Brian Wilson-esque approach.

Wire: A great deal punchier than I’ve found them on record, they work up and down the gears with seeming effortlessness without, it must be said, reaching 5th.

Wilco: One imagines all eyes turn to Jeff Tweedy when something needs doing in the world of Wilco so thankfully there is a twinkle in his tonight, as he cuts quite the genial figure.

Les Savy Fav: With lights smashed and a mic lead snapped during a deep wade out into the heavy throng, Les Savy Fav are purveyors of chaos and mayhem and amidst it all an equally energetic live music performance sometimes breaks out.

ShellacAs opening remarks go, “Fuckin’ kill him, fuckin’ kill him already” must rank up amongst the weekend’s very best particular as they shine an early spotlight on the spiteful sound to come.

**Further scribblings 28may10

>Early out tonight, dancing to them Buttons until 0345 before returning to site at 1700 with only 2 hours kip in between (body working against me once more) and some battery recharge required. Apologies to The Pixies and Yeasayer, who I had planned to see but while the mind was willing, the flesh was weak.

Forzudo @ FNAC Diagonal Mar

Shellac @ ATP Stage


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